Two months’ jail for theft

|     Fadley Faisal     |

THE Magistrate’s Court yesterday handed a two months’ jail sentence to a local man aged 42 for theft from a restaurant.

Mohammad Azri bin Haji Khamis pleaded guilty before Magistarte Hajah Ervy Sufitriana binti Haji Abdul Rahman to a charge of stealing a Hitachi water jet compressor and its storage container from GK Restaurant at Sungai Hanching between 3-4pm on January 9.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Hajah Siti Mu’izzah binti Haji Sabli’s facts of the state said that the defendant was driving a car with two other people looking for coconuts to sell from around the area when they came to the back of GK Restaurant and saw the items.

The defendant was instructed by his friends to drive nearer to the back of the restaurant and steal the items.

After stealing the items, the defendant went back home and the two others then worked towards selling the stolen items.

Eventually the stolen items were exchanged for methamphetamine, divided amongst the three of them, and the defendant sold his share for BND40.

The owner of the restaurant learnt about the items missing from a closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage leading to the defendant’s arrest by the police.