Two foreign workers found violating Employment Order

Rokiah Mahmud

Two foreign workers were found violating Employment Order 2009 by personnel from the Labour Enforcement Division (LED)of the Labour Department during Operasi Selongkar 44/2021 in Kampong Mentiri, Kota Batu on February 25.

The operation was conducted to ensure the employers abide by the Employment Order 2009.

One foreign worker, with his valid designation as a restaurant waiter, was found working as a salesperson at a vegetable stall while the other foreign worker designated as a domestic helper, was found working as a traditional medicines salesperson at a booth.

The employer was also found to have allegedly failed and delayed salary payment to the employees.

Under Chapter 39(1) of the Employment Order 2009, the workers’ salaries must be paid on the seventh day after the period of one month.

Failure to do so will result in a compound of BND600 fine for the first offence and BND900 fine for subsequent offences.

Meanwhile, for working not according to the Foreign Worker Licence including working with another company and the misuse of their designation by doing another job, if found guilty, a compound of BND600 will be issued for the first offence and BND900 for subsequent offences under Chapter 86 and Chapter 112 of the Employment Order 2009.

For violations of work allocation of foreign nationals not according to the Domestic Worker Licence, if found guilty, a compound of BND300 will be imposed for the first violation and BND600 for the second violation.

The department reminded employers to always ensure the welfare and well-being of foreign workers are observed and in accordance with the Employment Order 2009.

This includes providing employment contract, payment of salary on time and providing clean accomodation. The department also advised employers not to misuse their Foreign Worker Licence and violate the Employment Order 2009.

For information, contact the department at 2381848 (office hours) or 7298989 (after office hours).