Two crocs caught amid rainy season

Rokiah Mahmud

Two crocodiles were recently captured in separate operations conducted by Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) personnel.

The first, measuring five metres long, was spotted in the vicinity of Jalan Bebatik Kilanas, on January 1.

Four personnel from the Bandar Seri Begawan Fire Station, led by ABKS 258 Sani, were immediately deployed to the scene, after a public alert.

On arrival, the team found the crocodile trapped inside a drain. They managed to subdue the reptile and secure it, with the assistance of bystanders.

The second sighting occurred on January 2, at the Kampong Kapok Mosque in Jalan Muara.

Two crocodiles were recently captured in separate operations conducted by the Fire and Rescue Department. Photo shows one of the crocodiles captured in Kampong Kilanas. PHOTO: FRD
FRD personnel with the captured crocodile. PHOTO: FRD

Six FRD personnel, led by ABK 138 Mohammad from the Muara Fire Station, found the four-metre-long crocodile in a drain and captured it, using a snake catcher snare. The reptile was then restrained and tied up safely.

Both crocodiles have been handed over to the Wildlife Division of the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT).

The FRD advised members of the public to ensure that the monsoon drains connected to their houses are free of overgrown grass.

Homeowners are also advised to keep their doors and windows shut, to prevent wild animals from entering.

House surroundings should be kept clean and tidy, since tall grass can attract crocodiles, snakes and monitor lizards.

The FRD can be reached at 995, for fire and animal-related emergencies.