Twenty-six students take part in three-day leadership programme

Kemuda Institute sent 26 students to Kuala Belalong in Temburong, to join the Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam (OBBD) programme for three consecutive days.

Challenging tasks were prepared by an OBBD professional coach for the participants to acquire an array of skills such as endurance, emotional intelligence, quick thinking, problem-solving as a team, and leadership.

The first day of the programme saw students gathering at Kampong Batang Duri, welcomed by Hajah Sofinaz bin Haji Abdul Majid.

They were then divided into two groups – Pateh Tuba and Damang Sari – and took part in various activities that challenged them mentally and developed their confidence.

The students also had to undergo a five-hour jungle trekking the following day, from Kampong Batang Duri to the camping site with only a compass and a map. Upon arrival, they were tasked to set up their tents before dinner. The next morning, the students kayaked their way back.

The programme was an initiative for the students’ social and personal development. By exposing them to demanding activities, the students were able to gain an immersive and unique experience that cultivated, developed, and reinforced their values beneficial in their future endeavours.

Students participate in kayaking. PHOTO: KEMUDA INSTITUTE