Tutong town to get a facelift

Aziz Idris

Tutong Creative and Innovation Week (MKIT) is a platform to cultivate a creative and innovative society in contributing to national progress.

Several key areas in Pekan Tutong have been identified and labelled as ‘clean zones’, opening them to community volunteers to ensure these public spaces are kept clean, beautiful and safe.

Carrying the theme ‘Pekan Ku Bersih’, the areas will be repainted with vibrant clouds along with graffiti arts and murals by local talents.

Volunteers recently gathered in Bunga Cempaka Complex, Pekan Tutong to prepare the zone before art goes to work. Refurbishment and paint jobs will continue until December 20.

Tutong Municipal Board Acting Chairman Pengiran Mahdini bin Pengiran Haji Ali, youth volunteers and senior citizens attended.

The initiative was jointly organised by the Tutong District Office and the Tutong District development and creative agencies as well as government agencies and private organisations in the Tutong District.

Cleaning in progress at one of the Clean Zones in Pekan Tutong. PHOTO: AZIZ IDRIS