Tutong football association appoints new committee

Fadhil Yunus

The new committee members in the Tutong District Amateur Football Association (TDAFA) envision assisting and working together to scout for players who have the potential in the district through the TDAFA League.

Newly-elected TDAFA president Haji Takong bin Ahmad said this in his speech during the 10th General Meeting at the TDAFA office in Kampong Petani, Tutong recently.

He also congratulated the newly-appointed committee members that have been entrusted to lead the TDAFA for a four-year term from 2021 to 2025.

Bujang bin Haji Japar and Haji Masri bin Haji Mohamad have both been elected as deputy presidents while Matussin bin Sumpong has been elected as the

general secretary. Johan bin Haji Jinin occupies the deputy general secretary position while Maslih bin Haji Jaya and Haji Harun bin Bakri have been appointed as a treasurer and registrar. Haji Othman bin Haji Ghazali is lifetime adviser.

The new TDAFA committee members in a group photo. PHOTO: TDAFA