Turkey continues receiving Russian S-400 air defence parts

ISTANBUL (AP) – Turkey yesterday continued receiving components of a Russian-made air defence system, despite Washington’s warnings that it will impose sanctions on the NATO-member country.

Turkey’s Defence Ministry tweeted the landing of a fourth Russian cargo plane in Murted Air Base, near the capital, Ankara. On Friday, the ministry announced the much-awaited delivery of S-400 components had begun.

The United States (US) has repeatedly warned it will impose economic sanctions and kick Turkey out of the F-35 stealth fighter jet programme if Ankara does not drop its S-400 purchase. Turkey has refused to bow to US pressure, saying its defence purchase is a matter of national sovereignty.

The US administration was publicly silent on Friday on how it would respond to the delivery, with the Pentagon postponing a news conference.

Acting US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper and Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar spoke by phone. While the Pentagon declined to discuss the call, the Turkish ministry released a statement late on Friday, saying Akar stressed that the purchase of S-400 defence systems “was not an option but rather a necessity” due to Turkey’s security concerns.

The statement said there was no change in Turkey’s “strategic orientation,” adding that a deterioration in relations would not serve the interests of Turkey, the US or NATO.

The minister also emphasised Turkey’s commitment to the F-35 programme and repeated a proposal for a joint working group to study how the S-400 system would interact with the fighter jets.

The US is concerned the S-400 could be used to gather data on F-35 capabilities if Turkey has both.

Military vehicles and equipment, parts of the S-400 air defence systems, are unloaded from a Russian transport aircraft, at Murted military airport in Ankara, Turkey. – AP