Turkey air raids kill five civilians in north Iraq

ARBIL, IRAQ (AFP) – The civilian death toll of Turkish air raids in northern Iraq rose to five on Friday, local officials said, as Ankara kept up a cross-border offensive against Turkish Kurdish rebels.

One Turkish soldier also died in northern Iraq on Friday in clashes with fighters from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Turkey’s Defence Ministry said.

Despite official protests from Baghdad, Turkey on Wednesday launched operation “Claw-Tiger” by land and air into the mountainous terrain of northern Iraq where the PKK has bases.

Three civilians were killed on Friday when a Turkish air strike hit their cars, said Ouarchine Mayi, mayor of Chiladzi in Dohuk province, which neighbours Syria and Turkey.

Another local mayor, Serbast Sabri, said the body of a fourth civilian was also found, two days after he had gone missing.

A shepherd was killed early on Thursday morning when Turkish air raids hit the Bradost district, an official from northern Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region, Ihsan Chalabi, told AFP.

Turkish special forces have landed by helicopter in Iraqi Kurdistan to flush out PKK guerrillas from hideouts in the region’s remote mountains.

Turkey has sporadically bombed PKK bases in the region, but its dramatic escalation has prompted scores of families in the area to flee, according to local activists.

The PKK, which Ankara brands a “terrorist” organisation because of its decades-long insurgency against the Turkish state, has not reported any casualties so far.

Late Friday, the semi-autonomous authorities in the Kurdish region (KRG) issued their first statement on the offensive.

Spokesman Jotiar Adil said the KRG had watched the developments “with great pain and concern” and “denounces these events”.

“We demand that the Turkish Republic respect the sovereignty of our lands and homeland, and that the PKK evacuate those areas and not create tensions in the border areas of the Kurdistan region,” Adil said.

Iraq’s Foreign Ministry has summoned Turkish Ambassador Fatih Yildiz twice this week, demanding Ankara withdraw its special forces and halt the bombing campaign.