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Tulip Festival in Istanbul feasts Turks’ eyes on colourful flowers

ISTANBUL (XINHUA) – The annual Tulip Festival in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, attracted on Monday flocks of people to the city’s parks and gardens to enjoy a colourful sea of flowers featuring unique designs by botanists.

Some 7.5 million flowers of 160 different species, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and muscaris, have been planted in Istanbul’s parks, gardens and streets for the 2022 festival.

The Emirgan Park, one of the largest public parks in Istanbul, has distinguished itself as the main hub of the festival by virtue of its more than 3.5 million bulbous plants on display.

Outstanding floral designs in the park, located on a hill along the European coast of the Bosphorus Strait, include a giant tulip stream, a traditional Turkish evil eye bead, and a Turkish flag.

During the Ottoman era from 1718 to 1730, the mass production of tulips was seen as a symbol of the prosperity of the empire. The period, known as the Tulip Era, also witnessed the enlightenment of the Ottomans through extensive cultural and artistic interactions with the rest of the world, mainly the Europeans.

It is worth noting that the Netherlands gradually became the new hub of tulips only after the end of the Tulip Era of the Ottoman Empire.