Trump serves up junk food to athletes again

WASHINGTON (AFP) – President Donald Trump didn’t have to change the menu on Monday for his second hosting of college athletes at the White House this year: it was time to pile the table with fast food again.

Trump greeted the players of the North Dakota State Bison football team in the State Dining Room to celebrate their latest championship in the FCS Division I.

“We could have had chefs,” Trump told the players and coaches assembled in front of a varnished table heaped in Big Macs and bags of Chick-fil-A chicken meals. Another table was laden with fries.

But “I know you people very well,” Trump said.

In January, Trump welcomed another champion United States (US) college team, the Clemson Tigers, with what he called an “all American” feast of burgers and pizzas. The president is a noted fan of unhealthy comfort food and also boasting about how little exercise he does.