Trump bashes Democratic rivals during pre-Super Bowl show

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA (AP) — United States (US) President Donald Trump used a Super Bowl pregame interview to rail against Democrats, accusing them of hatred and offering schoolyard insults about his potential 2020 rivals.

“I see the hatred. … They don’t care about fairness, they don’t care about lying,” Trump said in a taped interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, which aired on Fox hours before sports’ biggest night of the year.

But Trump’s Super Bowl night may best be remembered by an errant – now deleted tweet – congratulating the state of Kansas and not mentioning Missouri, where the Chiefs play their home games at Missouri-based Arrowhead Stadium, for the Kansas City Chiefs’ win.

Trump spent his weekend in Florida as most of the political world has been focussed on Iowa, where Democrats yesterday casted their first votes to choose the party’s nominee.

Prompted by Hannity, Trump went through most of the major candidates one by one, deriding “Sleepy Joe” Biden, the former vice president, accusing Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren of telling “fairy tales,” and labelling Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, as “a communist,” even though he’s not.

But Trump seemed most preoccupied by the candidates who has chosen to skip the early-voting sates: Michael Bloomberg, the former New York mayor who has been blanketing the airwaves with anti-Trump ads.

US President Donald Trump talks with members of the Florida Atlantic University Marching Band after they performed during a Super Bowl party at the Trump International Golf Club. PHOTO: AP