True is the ‘star of my life’: Khloe Kardashian

KHLOE Kardashian said her daughter True is the “star of her life”.

Speaking in a new video for, she said, “She is the star of my life. At dinner one night, when I was looking for baby names, MJ, my grandmother, said, ‘You should name the baby True’. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I love that name’. I love that there’s family history, a story behind it.”

Following True’s arrival, Khloe has been triying to focus on being “immersed in motherhood” instead of worrying over her post-pregnancy weight.

She admitted, “I was 203 lbs. when I delivered, which blows my mind. You think you’re going to have a baby and all of it’s going to come out, and then you leave the hospital and you’re like, ‘What is going on? Why do I still have all of this weight?’

“My focus is True and just really immersing myself in motherhood. But I completely relate to the daunting thought of, ‘Gosh, now I have to go work out and where do I start?’

“In my head I felt like I would push the baby out and then I’ll be skinny again.

“Then you get home from the hospital and you’re like, ‘What?’ It’s a big shock. As soon as I got clearance from my doctor, I was [in the gym]. I was so excited to start working out again. Mentally I was there. But physically, I couldn’t do it. I was out of breath. I didn’t know how I was going to get to my end goal.

“I took it really slow. I did it day by day. If I could get through that workout, I did. But you’re not going to get it back in a day.” – BANG!