Treat yourself to some ‘fried air’ in this Italian restaurant

ROME (Xinhua) – Ready for a taste bud adventure? A restaurant in the Italian town of Castelfranco Veneto has been treating guests to an ingenious dish of “fried air”.

Referred to as aria fritta in Italian, or “fried air” in English, this eye-catching dish was designed to capture the essence of being outdoors and inhaling fresh air, according to the restaurant’s head chef Nicola Dinato.

Made of baked and deep-fried tapioca skin, the dish features a special aroma due to a 10-minute ozone infusion, and a vivid resemblance of fluffy clouds after being placed on a bed of cotton candy.

Despite a gimmicky 30 dollars per serving, the fried air has in fact been offered for free to all customers, one of the restaurant’s employees explained.

The “fired air” has been “served as an appetiser” to remind diners that “they always have to try and fill their life with real experiences,” chef Dinato told the Treviso-based daily newspaper Tribuna di Treviso.