Travelling around the globe minus the airplane

|     Aziz Idris     |

OVER 5,000 people have been to the top of Mount Everest, more than 560 people have been to space, less than 200 people have been to every country – nobody has ever reached every country without flying.

Sounds like a difficult feat, but by visiting 18 more countries, Torbjorn Pedersen better known as Thor, will be the first man in history to complete the journey.

The Weekend Bulletin met with Thor a few days after he set foot in Brunei, marking it his 185th country visited so far.

He was delighted to share some of the incredible stories he experienced throughout his transits.

His unique trip has three rules: travel around the world without flying, stay in a country for more than 24 hours and not return home before completing the journey.

To date, Thor has travelled more than 260,000km and aims to reach all 203 countries by the end of 2020. During his trip around the world, he travels by boat, train and bus.

“So far, the most interesting mode of transport would be on-board a high performance yacht from Cuba to the Bahamas,” he added.

The former logistics worker is also proving that even hard set goals can be reached if “you never give up”.

He had already proven that the world is more peaceful than what people generally think. How else would you explain him reaching 185 countries completely without flying on a USD20 per day budget?

Starting off his journey, Thor decided to live within a budget of USD20 per day for the 203 countries he had to visit. This covers the cost of food, transport, visas and accommodation.

The passionate traveller has a very tight schedule and a well worked programme to follow. “I hardly enjoy my trips because I have to stick to my schedule. I spend a minimum of two days or a maximum of seven days in each country,” he said.

He is also travelling as a goodwill ambassador of the Danish Red Cross and has visited the Red Cross Societies and Red Crescent National Societies in 180 countries.

Asked about travelling advice, he said, “The best advice I can give is that you should stay positive, open and smile a lot. I guarantee you that it will change your world!”