Toyota shines at 4th ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix Award

James Kon

Leading Japanese car maker, Toyota won multiple awards during the 4th ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix for its safety technologies recently.

The biannual event aimed to commemorate high achievers in the field of vehicle safety in the ASEAN region.

The brand also received the ‘Excellent Award’ as the Most 5 Star Brand for 2019 – 2020. Over the last two years, Toyota has received an overall five-star rating for seven of its vehicle models – a number that is greater than any other brand.

Popular models such as the Corolla Altis, Hilux and Innova were recipients of the Excellent Awards for Continuous Safety Improvement in their respective segments.

For decades, Toyota has been fully committed to continuously enhancing its vehicle safety toward its ultimate goal of zero traffic fatalities.

The brand also received the ‘Excellent Award’ as the Most 5 Star Brand for 2019 – 2020. PHOTO: NST

Apart from the design of the vehicles, Toyota has also developed many new and advanced technologies that have not just enhanced protection but also set new standards for the auto industry, focussing on three essential elements – vehicle (advancing safety technology), people (educating drivers, passengers and pedestrians toward traffic safety) and traffic environment (supporting safer traffic infrastructure).

In its pursuit of ‘Real-world Safety’, by learning from real accident data and incorporating such knowledge into vehicle development, Toyota is also promoting vehicle safety technology development under its ‘Integrated Safety Management Concept’, where individual safety technologies and systems are designed to collaborate with each other in various vehicle operation stages, from parking to advanced safety, pre-collision safety, collision safety and rescue.

Executive Vice President of the Engineering Group TDEM Apinont Suchewaboripont said, “We are very honoured and humbled to be given multiple awards at this time, toward our products and brand. These awards are recognition to all of our engineering team, and other responsible members across Toyota, and remind all of us of the importance of continuously striving to make our products and technologies ‘ever better and ever safer’ than in the past.”