Tours, briefings help Kampong Bukit Sawat residents

|     Ishan Ibrahim     |

KAMPONG Bukit Sawat Acting Village Head Haji Junaidi bin Teradi expressed appreciation to the Information Department for recently providing village members with tours to important places in the country, as well as briefings and insights on the issues of entrepreneurship.

“Some of the village residents were given work and employment opportunities through the briefings and presentations conducted by DARe (Darussalam Enterprise),” he said.

The tours included visits to Radio Television Brunei, Kingston Beverage & Creamery Sdn Bhd, Malay Technology Museum and Brunei Darussalam Maritime Museum. However, according to Haji Junaidi, some Kampong Bukit Sawat resident still face difficulties in getting their businesses off the ground, particularly those living in remote areas.

“This causes transportation problems, where they find it difficult to get their products out into more accessible areas,” he said. “The situation worsens during floods, as it is virtually impossible for them to get their products out into the market.

“The residents have also voiced hopes that something can be done, so the economy and livelihoods of our village, as well as that of the surrounding areas, can be improved.”

Kampong Bukit Sawat Acting Village Head Haji Junaidi bin Teradi. – ISHAN IBRAHIM