Tourists visit longhouse, wasai in Kampong Teraja

|     Daniel Lim     |

KAMPONG Teraja received a visit from tourists last Sunday.

Led by Manager of Sakam Adventure Bohari bin Abdullah, the group was welcomed to the area by the Secretary of the Teraja Longhouse Committee Gaung Jamit, who was accompanied by other committee members and members from the Women’s Bureau.

The group was briefed on the expansion and development made to the Teraja Longhouse from an ecotourism aspect, as well as various handicrafts made by the committee members of the longhouse to showcase their culture and heritage.

The visitors also observed the traditional dance and Gulingtangan performance by the longhouse’s committee members and Women’s Bureau.

The group also visited the Wasai Teraja.

Tourists in a group photo with Teraja Longhouse committee members and members from Women’s Bureau. – TERAJA LONG HOUSE COMMITTEE