Toto worker creates movable toilet system

TOKYO (The Japan News/ANN) – Toshihiko Yoshitomi, 36, who works in the Appliances Development Department of Toto Ltd, succeeded in October in developing a movable flushing toilet system – something previously considered difficult to realise.

 It looks like a normal type of toilet with a warm-water cleaning nozzle. However, if set beside a bed, even elderly people who have difficulty walking would be able to use it.

Human waste and paper, and any odor, are flushed into the drainage through a hose measuring two centimetres in diameter and a maximum of eight metres in length. The hose can be connected to the drainage system via a relatively simple procedure. The toilet is priced at ¥398,000 without tax.

Yoshitomi learned about the difficulty of toilet support while seeing his grandfather receive nursing care. There were many problems, such as odor, disposal, discomfort of diapers and a feeling of shame.

Toshihiko Yoshitomi has succeeded in developing a movable flushing toilet system. – THE JAPAN NEWS/ANN

Yoshitomi joined Toto in 2006 after studying control engineering as a student. He actively engaged in development work, aiming to make both caregivers and receivers feel at ease.

Having matter break into pieces so that it can pass through the narrow hose proved necessary for realising a movable toilet system. During the first year and a half of his work, Yoshitomi investigated the hardness of his own solid waste by squeezing it in his hands and changing his meals on a daily basis. He was convinced that all human stools can be crushed into pieces using centrifugal force and water.  Yoshitomi then developed a rotary crusher, taking cues from washing machines, and installed it on his toilet system.

Yoshitomi was moved to tears when he heard how happy a customer was.