Total trade increased 21.0 per cent in December 2018

TOTAL trade increased to BND1,380.0 million in December 2018 compared to BND1,140.7 million in December 2017, representing an increase of 21.0 per cent year-on-year.

Total imports of goods increased by 43.2 per cent year-on-year to BND559.1 million (December 2018) from BND390.5 million (December 2017). The five main import commodities were Machinery and Transport Equipment (35.0 per cent), followed by Manufactured Goods (32.3 per cent), Food (8.7 per cent), Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles (7.9 per cent), and Chemicals (7.1 per cent).

By End Use category, imports of Intermediate Goods comprised 56.7 per cent of the total imports. This was followed by imports of Capital goods (36.6 per cent) and Consumption Goods (6.7 per cent).

In December 2018, the largest export market was Japan with 39.1 per cent, followed by Singapore (13.2 per cent) and Thailand (9.6 per cent).

For imports by trading partners, the highest share came from the People’s Republic of China with 43.0 per cent, followed by Singapore (12.0 per cent) and Malaysia (11.0 per cent).

For the whole year of 2018, the total trade was valued at BND14,494.1 which comprised exports worth BND8,871.8 million and imports amounting to BND5,622.3 million.