Tokyo Olympics torches to use recycled aluminium from Fukushima

TOKYO (Xinhua) – Tokyo 2020 Olympics torches will employ recycled aluminium in their making from temporary housing in Japan’s Fukushima, a prefecture stricken by earthquake, tsunami and the ensuing nuclear disaster in 2011, local media reported last Tuesday.

The torches, expected to consume over 10,000 pieces of aluminium, will be used by runners in the nationwide relay after the Olympic flame arrives in Japan from Greece on March 20, 2020.

The plan serves as a symbolic effort to uphold “reconstruction Olympics”, which is one of the main themes of the Summer Games.

The Olympics organisers are expected to cooperate with local governments in determining which metals can be recycled in temporary housing that is no longer in use.

Design of the torch has already been approved by the International Olympic Committee and will be revealed in spring.

The “flame of reconstruction” will first be displayed in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima, the three most afflicted prefectures in the 2011 disaster.

The torch relay in Japan will begin in Fukushima on March 26, and will go through all 47 prefectures in 121 days before finally reaching Tokyo for the opening ceremony.