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TNB Research, Sedania to explore harnessing energy from Johor dam

BERNAMA – Tenaga Nasional Bhd’s (TNB) wholly-owned subsidiary, TNB Research Sdn Bhd (TNBR) partnered with Sedania Technologies Sdn Bhd (STSB) to evaluate the potential of harnessing energy from excess water in dams and water reservoirs throughout Malaysia.

Under the partnership, STSB – Sedania Innovator Bhd’s (Sedania) sustainable energy arm – will deploy energy-efficient micro-hydropower turbines developed by TNBR to generate electricity from water released from dams, said TNB and STSB in a joint statement yesterday.

Each micro-hydropower turbine has a capacity of 30-40 kilowatts, capable of generating up to 305,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

“With over 70 water dams and reservoirs located throughout Malaysia, the potential micro hydropower energy source is estimated at over 40 gigawatt-hours per year, enough to provide carbon-free electricity to about 10,000 homes,” they said.

STSB will cover the financial and technical aspects of the project, while TNBR will provide its technical expertise through the design and installation of the micro-hydropower turbines.

Each of the 30-40 kilowatts submerged micro-hydropower turbines can generate up to around 305,000 kilowatt-hours in green energy per year by harnessing energy from excess water at the dam, preventing approximately 230 tonnes of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere. PHOTO: BERNAMA

TNB said the first project under the partnership involves a dam project in Kota Tinggi, Johor, where STSB had been tasked by a leading multinational oil and gas company to assess the feasibility of deploying energy-efficient micro hydropower solutions to generate electricity from released water.

Sedania Chief Executive Officer Daniel Ruppert said the partners aim to equip all dams in Malaysia with energy-efficient micro-hydropower turbines, utilising the dam’s surplus water as an energy source.

“As an environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)-driven organisation with a vision of helping corporations reduce their carbon footprint, Sedania is well-positioned to accelerate the sustainability agenda, together with the support of TNBR,” he said.

TNBR Managing Director Dr Mohd Hariffin Boosroh said TNB is championing responsible and inclusive energy transition, with the aim of achieving net-zero carbon emission by 2050.

“With that goal in mind, TNB is investing in new green technology such as this efficient micro-hydropower turbine developed by our researchers at TNBR.

“The partnership illustrates how research and industry collaboration plays an influential role in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for Malaysia,” he said.

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