TKO Fitness – Brunei’s latest boutique gym

Fadhil Yunus

TKO Fitness, the latest boutique gym in town aims to provide a safe space for health enthusiasts to come together and work-out.

Offering group classes, sessions at TKO will activate the mind, body and soul. Classes at TKO are derived from the fundamentals of boxing and functional fitness lead by professional trainers. Whether it is a high impact class or personal training, the running theme for this hip boutique gym is “Go big or Go Home”.

TKO welcomes individuals from all levels of fitness. You can start your fitness journey with TKO’s dedicated team of trainers who come from different backgrounds.

Box to the beat or work on your strength and conditioning – class formats vary from trainer to trainer.

For first timers, TKO trainers will break down the class format and show proper movements and techniques pre-class. Beginners are encouraged to attend at least 15 minutes before class starts. For those who prefer Personal Training, TKO offers a private PT room which is fully-equipped for a comprehensive work-out.

With every element carefully curated by its owners, TKO is a stellar space for the community to bond through fitness and food. The Copper Kitchen which is located on the ground floor of TKO offers protein shakes and drinks and an upcoming menu of fresh, wholesome foods.

Curated interior
Inside the studio
The Copper Kitchen at TKO