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Tips to take care of your home furniture

ANN/THE DAILY STAR – Regular usage will eventually wear down any piece of wood, leather, or outdoor furniture no matter how high the quality. It makes no difference whether the piece of furniture is a large sectional couch or a modest accessory piece like a nightstand. 

Maintenance and furnishings of furniture are ongoing responsibilities. So, it is crucial to take as much care as possible.

In fact, some furniture comes with care and maintenance instructions from the manufacturer.

That being said, the best tips for maintaining your home furniture’s condition are explored below.

Glassware, cups, and other potentially risky hot or cold items should never be stored directly on an indoor hardwood table. Instead, coasters should be used in combination with a protective tablecloth. 

To prevent stains on your furniture, you may use colourful placemats or tablecloths for decoration, which can also liven up the room. 

There are several environmental elements, such as rain and sunshine, that degrade the condition of outdoor furniture.

You should protect them by covering against hot spots such as harsh sunlight, fires, and the like.

Meanwhile, particles of dirt and dust floating in the air may scrape and wear down furniture surfaces.

Because of this, it loses its lustre as well. A coating of dust on your furniture will not seem very inviting to your visitors either. You should, therefore, periodically dust your furniture with a soft cloth.

Dusting should not be done with something too abrasive, since this might result in scratches.

However, dusting alone is not always enough to keep surfaces looking their best, and frequent cleaning is necessary to preserve their natural gloss. 

Avoid using store-bought all-purpose cleaners. They may wreak havoc on the furniture’s finish.

Most messes may be cleaned up with a damp towel and some mild dish soap. After using a wet cloth to clean the area, a nice dry towel should be used to remove any residual moisture.

You should also study the instructions for maintaining your furniture if they come with it.

This information is crucial since it pertains directly to the item you just bought. 

If you want your furniture to continue looking as good as it does today, you should familiarise yourself with the appropriate upkeep.

If there was no label attached to your new piece of furniture, do not hesitate to contact the store where you bought it to find out how to best maintain it. 

If you are cleaning wood furniture, remember to use a gentle cloth and, if necessary, a more powerful cleaning product. To clean, moisten the cloth (not wet), and to dry, use a third, clean cloth. 

Saturating the wood is a bad idea. In the matter of leather home furniture, dust the surface of the leather before attempting to clean it. Use a gently moist (not wet) cloth to wipe off the leather with a cleaning solution made from equal parts vinegar and water. Then, use a clean towel to dry it.

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