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Tips for stress-free cooking

Fariha Amber

ANN/ THE DAILY STAR – Cooking is often labelled as therapeutic and enjoyable. However, it can become hectic, especially for busy bees who have to do such chores on a daily basis. With these simple tricks, you can work around your way in the kitchen to make cooking a hassle-free task.

A cluttered workstation equals spending an unnecessary amount of time looking for stuff in the kitchen than actually cooking. Whereas, an organised setup allows you to fully enjoy the cooking experience making it less time consuming.

Although it may require time initially to organise the kitchen space, the benefits that follow are worth it. This includes organising everything from spice bottles to utensils, and cabinets, so that they are available at your hand’s reach when needed.

Frozen food is another kitchen aide in the modern age, and so is canned.

It is always handy to have frozen snacks and canned food in the freezer and pantry.
Although not the healthiest of choices, but a quick fix for those days when we have other priorities.

One-pan recipes are a cook’s best friend, making it possible to inject maximum flavour and spend more time eating than cleaning!

Stir-fries and slow cooker recipes are great techniques to cook on the hob. Whereas for baking, sheet pan recipes or tray bakes are smart options.

If you are somebody who prefers to schedule tasks beforehand, you may apply the same principle in terms of cooking.

Prepping ingredients or meals in advance saves a lot of time during the actual cooking process.

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