Time’s Up movement can’t be about ‘more division’: Penelope Cruz

PENELOPE Cruz insists the Time’s Up movement can’t be about “more division”.

The award-winning actress has stressed that her support for the campaign, which fights against harassment, extends well beyond the boundaries of Hollywood, saying it’s important to recognise that women across all industries are forced to deal with the threat of abuse and harassment.

Speaking to the February issue of Marie Claire magazine, Penelope explained, “A teacher or a doctor, they’re not going to get a microphone and somebody asking them: ‘What’s your situation? Are you suffering these things? So, it’s important to me to make clear that I’m not just talking about our industry.

“It affects women in all industries and every single country, and I speak for them, the ones that are never going to be asked that question. It’s good to remember that men can victims of this too. This can’t be about more division. If we don’t do this together, it’s useless.”

Penelope, 44, previously claimed that the Hollywood sex scandal has changed the culture of the movie business.

The actress – who is married to fellow star Javier Bardem – said that the differences have been really easy to identify.

Penelope explained, “I think the fact that all these things came into the light changed a lot of things.

“I noticed differences, for example, in the kind of questions we get asked in interviews. Before you would be in a press conference, and only the women would be asked very rude questions or superficial questions. People are more careful now. It’s symbolic, but it reflects people are being aware of treating each other with more respect.” – BANG!