Timeless legacy of Brunei portrayed at ‘No Change of Colour’

FROM the producer of After All, Takdir and MonoJazz and in association with Malam Minggu Pusat Belia (MMPB) initiative, Sutera Memento once again presented a theatrical take on the nation’s historical milestone – the 1984 Proclamation of Independence.

This production portrays Brunei from different individual perspectives in embracing what independence means in the land of the Abode of Peace.

Nurturing a strong spirit of solidarity and patriotism, ‘No Change of Colour’ reflects the spirit of Brunei, a timeless legacy of this ‘new nation but an ancient country.’

Loosely based on the article by Rozan Yunos, ‘Remembering Independence Day 1984,’ audience will be enthralled with the ambience and aesthetics that will surely bring everyone on a trip down the memory lane towards Brunei’s Independence. Showcased, this time around, with three runs back to back, gives an ambitious and adventurous experience for the casts and crews.

Targetting youth and students, this production helps to spread awareness on our local history, especially on such an auspicious event like the independence day. As with the generations who lived through the independence moments, it would certainly be a walk down memory lane and definitely reminisce the very essence of being part of such a remarkable journey.