Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Brunei Town
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Time to spruce up public library

I would like to call on the authorities to consider investing in the public library in the capital so bibliophiles can sustain their reading habit without having to resort to buying books from a store.

When you look at countries that emphasise on moulding the younger generation through quality education, they also tend to have at least one public library with a vast collection of books to satisfy all types of readers.

While it is true that we are moving towards a digital future, and e-books are easier to obtain and store than the traditional form of reading materials, libraries still hold relevance because it allows like-minded individuals to congregate under one roof and share their passion for literature.

All the campaigns to ignite a reading passion in youth are proof that the authorities are aware of the importance of a literate culture. It is especially pressing at a time when we as a society is constantly distracted by social media and daily stresses.

To have an hour or two dedicated to unwinding, unplugging and escaping the real world will only serve us well in the long run. After over two years of heightened fear due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need more than just one outlet to cope with the residual anxiety. If reading could slow us down in a world that is constantly speeding up, perhaps it is something to campaign for.


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