Time to address stray animal problem

Stray dogs have been an issue in the country for quite some time.

One example is the area between the Kiarong Complex and Simpang 1, where passers-by are confronted by wandering dogs.

I hope the authorities would take action by relocating these animals elsewhere or drawing up a plan to deal with the stray dog situation nationwide.

In other countries, these dogs would have been moved to a state-funded animal shelter and put up for adoption.

Perhaps the authorities could look into setting up a similar shelter to house these strays?
More importantly, we need to address the root cause of the stray problem.

I believe there are irresponsible dog owners who allow their pets to breed freely rather than opting to spay or neuter them to prevent the accumulation of unwanted animals.

When the number of pets becomes too much to bear, these owners will dump them in public areas, leading to the worsening of the problem.

It is not just restricted to dogs; we are also faced with a growing population of stray cats in the country.

I hope that a comprehensive policy could be implemented to deal with the stray issue once and for all.

Finally, I urge all pet owners to spay or neuter their animals. It is, after all, the right thing to do!

Animal Lover