Three foreigners jailed for immigration offences

Fadley Faisal

The Magistrate’s Court handed jail sentences to three Malaysians for violating immigration laws yesterday.

Magistrate Kamaliah Fadhilah binti Ibrahim heard from Immigration prosecutor Adi Yusra bin Haji Adanan that Angeline Uchi, 22, and Arshiela binti Abdullah, 19, had entered Brunei without passports on January 14. Both women were each ordered to serve four months’ imprisonment.

Meanwhile, the court handed a year’s imprisonment to Suriati binti Morsidi, 30, for illegal entry into Brunei without a passport on January 12.

She was also convicted of residing in the country while listed as a person barred from entering Brunei for a previous immigration offence.

The three women were arrested by Immigration enforcement officers before midnight on January 15, during a raid on a house at Kampong Pengkalan Batu.