Three days a week without plastic bags is good enough

IT HAS come to my attention that supermarkets have stopped providing plastic bags from just on the weekends to five days a week.

I understand the need to save the environment and I strongly support this noble effort.

There are many ways to this such as printing less and by using recycled papers.

We can also help by recycling papers, plastics, cans, tins, cereal boxes, and so on.

It is, however, unfortunate that we cannot find many or any recycling bins to do so.

The move to stop providing plastic bags at supermarkets is a hassle to most of us.

Most households still use plastic bags to throw out rubbish every day.

If we cannot use plastic bags provided during grocery shopping, we would still need to buy them to throw the rubbish.

In some places, households do not even have people to collect the rubbish.

This is where plastic bags are used, to avoid the foul smell from rubbish.

I hope the supermarkets here will not stop providing plastic bags completely as we do not have the proper recycling companies yet.

Three days a week without plastic bags would be good enough and those who do not want to use plastic bags can opt to use their own grocery bags instead.

– Plastic Bags for Rubbish Please