Thousands pack popular Vietnam shore

THANH HOA , Vietnam (AFP) – Thousands of daytrippers jostled for selfie space and elbowed their way to the sea at a popular north Vietnam beach over the weekend, with extra vigilant lifeguards watching worriedly over the summer surge.

There are few beaches in this part of the country, and Sam Son in Thanh Hoa province has long been a go-to destination with its white sand coastline and blue waters.

But its beauty has proven both a blessing and a curse, leading vacationers to pack out the 16 kilometre-long beach.

“Today, there are too many tourists,” said Le Huu Mui, an 80-year-old visiting with family.

He last came to Sam Son five years ago and was shocked at the difference.

“We have to hustle on the beach and it is less comfortable than previous years.”

Lifeguards keeping watch on the crowds at Sam Son beach in Thanh Hoa province. – AFP