The ‘winning’ Sri Lankan curry sauce that ‘blew’ Gordon Ramsay away on MasterChef

DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA – MasterChef Australia star Dani Venn has launched her ‘winning’ curry sauce that ‘blew’ Gordon Ramsay away during the first week of the 2020 Back To Win season.

During the opening episode, Dani won the only immunity pin of the season after her pineapple curry was voted as the best dish, with the Michelin-starred chef describing the Sri Lankan-inspired flavours as ‘authentic’ and ‘vibrant’.

Home cooks can head into any Coles supermarket store to get their hands on the AUD3.80 jar of mildly spiced sauce, filled with traditional ingredients such as curry leaves, mustard seeds, coconut milk and pineapple.

“My [sauce] incorporates the unique flavours, spices and scents that made me fall in love with Sri Lanka, its incredible food, people and culture.

“With every mouthful, I want to transport people to the lively streets and tropical beaches of Sri Lanka with its sweet and tangy flavour of curry leaves, turmeric, mustard seeds, coconut, pineapple and a pinch of chilli.

Home cooks can now buy MasterChef Australia star Dani Venn’s (pictured) curry sauce that ‘blew’ Gordon Ramsay away during the first week of the 2020 ‘Back To Win’ season. PHOTO: WILLOWCREATIVE

“To have a highly respected chef like Gordon Ramsay say he was blown away with the authenticity of my curry dish is an amazing feeling and I’m so excited to be able to share it now with so many people.’

She said her Sri Lankan-inspired simmer sauce is family-friendly, not too spicy, and it’s very simple to cook with at home.

“It was also important for us to make the curry vegetarian-friendly so we slightly tweaked the recipe and replaced Maldive fish chips with a nutritional yeast so that it contains no fish or meat,” Dani said.

During the premiere of MasterChef: Back to Win earlier this year, Dani won the coveted immunity pin with her mud crab curry, pineapple curry and homemade roti and sambal.

As she presented her tasting plate, Dani explained how Sri Lanka was a very special place to her because she had met her now-husband there.

“Dani, you blew us away with that authenticity. Whatever happens, stick close to that Sri Lankan husband of yours,” Gordon said in his feedback.

But Dani awkwardly corrected the renowned chef, saying her Kiwi husband Chris Burgess wasn’t from Sri Lanka.

“Oh, he’s not Sri Lankan… I met him in Sri Lanka… He’s a kiwi,” she said, as she burst into laughter.

Coles Product Developer David Robins said the chain was delighted to collaborate with the Dani to bring her much-loved pineapple curry to customers nationwide.

“When I saw the first episode and Dani’s ‘A Taste of Sri Lanka’ dish won the coveted immunity pin, I knew we had to work together to bring her special Sri Lankan recipe to our customers so they can enjoy what the judges tasted,” David said.

The celebrity chef recommends serving the pineapple curry with vegetables, roasted cashews and cauliflower rice or add fresh prawns for a seafood dish.

For a family-friendly option, she suggested adding chicken and amp up the heat with some freshly chopped chilli and a squeeze of lime juice.