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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Brunei Town

The return of luscious, shimmering lips

AFP – There’s no shortage of makeup trends inspired by food or drink, but the latest in line goes further than merely evoking tasty treats.

‘Honey lips’, with their sweetly evocative name, mark the return of luscious, glistening lips – a look that had faded from sight since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, in favour of a more natural look.

Whether eaten on bread, in cakes and pastries, stirred into yogurt, or straight from the jar, honey is a food that’s adored for its sweet, mild taste, as well as for its health benefits.

However, it’s not just its flavourful properties that have propelled it to the top of the trends on social networks this summer.

Honey is now being embraced by beauty enthusiasts – and, more specifically, makeup fans – whose latest obsession is ‘honey lips’, a lip colour and finish inspired by the characteristics of the product, channeling shine and shimmer, with a rich, luscious (but non-sticky) effect that sets it apart.

TikTok user Eva Larosa has almost 150,000 views for her ‘honey lips’ tutorial. PHOTO: TIKTOK/EVALAROSAXO

The idea here isn’t to use honey directly – despite its many benefits for the skin – but to try to reproduce the shine and luster of the sweet substance on the lips.

It’s an idea that’s become a viral hit on social networks, with the #honeylips hashtag scoring no less than 430,000 views in just a few weeks on TikTok.

It’s one user, Eva Larosa, who is behind the most-viewed video on the subject to date, with almost 150,000 views.

And that’s without counting those for her “honey girl makeup” tutorial, which shows viewers how to create a complete makeup look inspired by the sparkling amber hues of honey.

So how do you get “honey lips”?

As we’ve seen, you don’t need to go digging around in your pantry to recreate this beauty trend. A lip liner, gloss and eyeshadow are more than enough to get to work.

To begin with – and as for any lip look – dead skin should be exfoliated to ensure you’re working with a smooth, even surface.


Next, apply gold eyeshadow at the cupid’s bow and in the centre of the lower lip, line the lips with a pencil in the same shade as the lips or slightly darker, and finish with a high-shine gloss.

And that’s it. Now your lips will be luscious and sparkling just like honey. ‘Honey lips’ are part of a wider trend that has been seen for several weeks in the beauty world, which involves drawing inspiration from food, drinks and other sweet treats to perfect summer make-up looks.

Examples include ‘syrup nails’, with eight million views and counting, ‘espresso makeup’, with its coffee-inspired hues, and ‘strawberry makeup’ for a healthy “sun-kissed” glow.


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