The marvel of the automatic watch winder

Richman Luxury is the pre-eminent builder of innovative, rugged, and luxurious watch winders and watch safes.

The product line ranges from watch winders, watch winder safes, high-grade safes, to luxury jewellery safes with exotic metal and wood interiors. An automatic watch winder is a marriage of beauty and precision, craftsmanship and functionality.

It is a beautiful storage box and a prestige piece, while simultaneously working in a very deliberate and exact way to ensure that an automatic watch remains fully wound even when it isn’t being worn.

The automatic watch winder pays for itself over time, due to the nature of automatic watches .

The timepieces must remain wound to function properly, or the lubricants cease to flow. This leads to a time-consuming and expensive factory overhaul of the timepiece. A solution is to use an automatic watch winder. It can be a regular part of a routine, with the benefit of never experiencing the annoyance of finding that it has stopped and having to go through the tedious process of resetting the functions.

An automatic watch winder is a jewellery box equipped with a motor and a micro-processor that is responsible for rotating the watch in a prescribed way.

All winders today are equipped with a security programme that ensures that they can never overwind a timepiece. Some models run only on AC power, while others give the option of using batteries.

In general, however, an automatic watch is designed to furnish many years of faithful and accurate service. Using an automatic winder to ensure that the timepiece remains in operation at all times can help to maintain performance.

Founder of Richman Luxury Dr Jin Wu. PHOTO: RICHMAN LUXURY