That’s hot: Nicole Richie accidentally sets hair on fire at 40th birthday party

THE STAR – Nicole Richie welcomed her 40’s with a birthday party that’s simply unforgettable… for the wrong reason.

The actress-fashion designer turned 40 on Tuesday and celebrated it with an outdoor party. As she was about to blow out the candles on her cake, her hair caught on fire!

When she noticed her hair was on fire, Richie screamed. Someone next to her quickly put out the flames.

Richie posted the video on Instagram with the caption, “Well… so far 40 is (fire emoji).’

Her husband, lead singer of Good Charlotte, Joel Madden commented, “That’s hot”, a catchphrase used by Richie and pal Paris Hilton when they starred in the reality series, The Simple Life.

Celebs such as Ellen Pompeo, Kelly Rowland and Zooey Deschanel also reached out to ask if Richie was okay after the incident.

Nicole Richie posted the video on Instagram with the caption: ‘Well… so far 40 is (fire emoji)’. PHOTO: AFP