Thailand’s general election a path towards mature, sustainable democracy  

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) – Thailand’s general election on March 24 would pave the Southeast Asian nation towards a mature and sustainable democracy.

Thai ambassador to Malaysia Narong Sasitorn said the democratic exercise, which has taken place in the country since 1932, would nurture the nation to a stable democracy with firmer commitments to embrace democratic values.

“Of course, like anybody (countries) else, there are always some bumps on the road but I think Thailand and its people have shown that they always committed to this surge.

“Thailand has its own ideas on how to nurture our democracy to be sustainable and stable. Stability is very important too.

“Looking at our democratic development, we had always bounced back from any temporary transition but every time it happens, we are always back with firmer commitments to democratic values. This will be the same for this general election.”

Sasitorn told Bernama International News Service when met at the early voting day for Thai overseas voters in Malaysia at the Thai embassy from 8am to 5pm yesterday.

The embassy revealed that a total of 5,183 Thais have registered as overseas voters in Malaysia.

Early voting process took place in Johor Bahru, Kuching and Kota Bharu at separate mobile units on Friday, and at Kuala Lumpur and consulate offices in Penang and Kuantan yesterday.

Thai people queue up for early vote at the Thai Embassy in Malaysia yesterday. – BERNAMA