Thailand, Myanmar and Laos to jointly solve smoke haze

BANGKOK (Bernama) – Thailand, Myanmar and Laos will launch their joint efforts to contain smoke haze later this month, the Thai News Agency (TNA) reported.

Lt Gen Wichak Siribansop, chief of the 3rd army, said the 3rd Army Corps would represent Thailand in the joint efforts with the neighbouring countries.

He said that solutions to smoke haze needed international cooperation and in the Thailand campaigns against forest fires, it would target northern provinces including Chiang Rai.

He said campaigns against forest fires were necessary as 99 per cent of them were human caused.

The army and relevant governmental organisations will raise public awareness on the hazards of smoke haze through local volunteers, Lt Gen Wichak said.

According to the northern army chief, the joint project is aimed at reducing smoke haze by about 60 per cent from last year. Such a project relieved the problem by 40 per cent last year from the previous year.