Thailand marks National Elephant Day

CHON BURI (Bernama) – Special activities were organised to mark the Thai National Elephant Day yesterday to honour the animals’ longstanding important roles for the country, reported Thai News Agency.

Nong Nooch Pattaya Garden in Chon Buri province was among the venues of the activities. There, 87 elephants showed up yesterday morning for an alms-giving activity for Buddhist monks who blessed the pachyderms for their good life.

The elephants joined a procession and had the world’s biggest fruit buffet at noon.

Director of Nong Nooch Pattaya Garden Kampol Tansajja said elephants are national animals, ridden by past Thai kings. They also played important roles for national defence in past battles, he said.

In Phitsanulok province, the management of Sappraiwan Elephant Resort in Kaeng Sopha sub-district of Wang Thong district continued to take care of old elephants and welcome tourists to witness their life in its 1.6-square-kilometre compound.

The management bought old and disabled elephants from operators and took care of them there.

The animals were retired from lifelong log hauling. They are 40-60 years and some are used to give rides to visitors. There are lots of grasses for the elephants, and the management also feeds them with various kinds of herbs.

There are reservoirs and a stream for the elephants to relax, and each of them receives good care from its own mahout.