Tender for car registration numbers opens on February 6

|     Azlan Othman     |

THE Land Transport Department (JPD) is inviting the public to tender for one and two-digit car registration numbers in the BAT and BAU series, as well as the re-tendering of two-digit numbers for BAP, BAQ, BAR and BAS.

Starting from February 6, tender will be open for BAT 1-99 in the BAT series and BAU-1-99 in the BAU series.

Tender must be made using an A1 form which can be obtained at the JPD headquarters in Beribi and at the JPD branch in Belait during office hours.

The completed form must be inserted into a sealed envelope, together with an enclosed a copy of the applicant’s identity card, driver’s licence and a payment receipt of BND25 for every registration number.

The envelope must be labelled ‘Car Registration Number Bid’ on the left of the en-velope and deposited in the tender box located at the ground floor of the JPD headquarters in Beribi and the JPD branch in Belait before the closing date on March 5.

JPD has the right to refuse or nullify any incomplete or overdue forms. The BND25 payment will also not be refunded, should the tender be successful or otherwise. Successful applicants should pay the whole bidding price and register under their own names within six months of receiving the confirmation letter.

Applications to extend the period for registration must be forwarded to the department at least 14 days before the end of the six-month period prior to approval. A surcharge of 10 per cent of the original bidding price will be imposed, and the department will only give one extension period of three months.

However, the whole tender price must be settled before the six-month period ends and before any extension period is considered.

If the applicant fails to settle the payment or register the offered car number according to the requirements and specified periods, then the department has the right to withdraw the registration number and re-tender it to the public. Any payment that has been made will not be refunded.

The terms and conditions are based on the Road Traffic (Identification Marks) Regulation 2008.

For more information, members of the public can visit Counter 15 at the JPD headquarters or Counter 5 at the JPD branch in Belait. The public can also contact the senior licensing officer at the Registration and Licensing Division of the JPD at 2452302 during office hours or email at [email protected]