TelBru succeeds in connecting 80 per cent of client base to FTTH

TELEKOM Brunei Berhad (TelBru)has announced its milestone success in connecting a majority of its client base to the company’s Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) network, bringing the country closer to a full overhaul of its Internet infrastructure from old copper connections, a press release stated.

Since undergoing transformation in 2013 that witnessed intense strategic planning to better equip Brunei to facilitate multi-faceted aspects of day-to-day living and operations that rely on quality Internet connection, 80 per cent of TelBru’s subscribers are now reaping the benefits of high speed Internet access.

With FTTH customers now receiving at least 10Mbps based on TelBru’s minimum bandwidth package, Brunei is now poised to efficiently implement the Internet of Things (IoT) initiative that requires fast Internet connectivity that has potential applications in fields such as education, health, transportation, finance, resource conservation as well as, among others, for the home.

In the four years since introducing high speed broadband, the company has seen an uptake in its services with many either opting for, or migrating to, TelBru’s 15Mbps broadband package.

These Volume Based Broadband (VBB) packages were revamped to increase the minimum bandwidth speed from 1Mbps to 10Mbps and with infrastructure that can withstand higher capacities, TelBru has the capability to offer 2.5Gbps should clients require such an arrangement, whilst 10Gbps ports have already undergone testing.

With roll-outs still underway, the remaining 20 per cent of TelBru’s clients still on copper will eventually be connected to fibre or alternative technology that can deliver high-speed Internet similar to available infrastructure for Brunei’s Water Village that utilises Fixed Wireless Broadband.

As part of the company’s proactive endeavour to connect strategic areas that aims to benefit residents and business customers, several areas are currently in the planning stages of fibre connectivity of which includes the up and coming Pulau Muara Besar that will benefit from dependable Internet access, while areas such as pre-existing housing projects including Bukit Beruang and Meragang are currently being fitted with FTTH networks.

Additionally, the recently completed Lugu housing area is undergoing preparations for FTTH as TelBru continues to meet residential requirements for data.

Moving forward, TelBru will continue to keep abreast with the country’s needs in line with the company’s responsibility towards nurturing a tech-savvy population as outlined in Brunei Vision 2035.