Technicians freed in Peru over COVID-19 5G scare

LIMA (AFP) – Villagers in rural Peru freed eight technicians from broadband provider Gilat Peru who were held over fears they were installing 5G technology, which locals claim is responsible for the coronavirus, police said on Saturday.

The eight-member maintenance crew had been held since Wednesday by villagers in Acobamba province, more than 500 kilometres southeast of the capital Lima.

“All of them have been released,” Leni Palacios of Huancavelica police told AFP, adding that the workers said they were in good shape.

Palacios said the workers’ release came after a meeting between locals and a commission made up of officials from the Ministry of Transport, the regional government and Gilat Peru.

Transport Ministry spokesman Jose Aguilar told RPP Radio that Peru has no 5G antennas, and that regardless, they are not linked to COVID-19.