Tech Talent Drive offers job opportunities for local IT, programming talents

|    Danial Norjidi   |

A RECRUITMENT campaign called Tech Talent Drive has been set up by local company GroMinda Group, to help local jobseekers to attain potential job opportunities with Singapore-based companies.

The Tech Talent Drive was detailed during an interview with GroMinda Group CEO Aiman Minorhadi, and Marketing Executive Haziqah Hadi.

GroMinda Group focusses on the development of human capital with technological solutions that help build future-ready talents. Towards the aim of helping reduce unemployment in Brunei, Grominda has partnered with Glints, an online recruitment company that is based in Singapore and Indonesia.

“Tech Talent Drive is a campaign (where) we are looking to gather a pool of IT talents,” said Aiman Minorhadi. “Alhamdulillah, we signed a partnership agreement with Glints, our Singapore counterpart to offer full-time work opportunities in Singapore for Bruneians.”

The partnership offers full-time opportunities with Singapore-based companies for local talents within the IT and programming sphere.

Aiman explained that through this partnership, Bruneians don’t necessarily have to go to Singapore to work. “They can just stay here and work remotely for the companies in Singapore and are managed by us,” he said.

It was shared that local employees will be a team extension for employers in Singapore, who will be working remotely from Brunei.

ABOVE & BELOW: GroMinda Group CEO Aiman Minorhadi, and Marketing Executive Haziqah Hadi. – PHOTOS: RAHWANI ZAHARI

In addition, GroMinda is also working to provide skills and productivity training for those who are eligible.

“At the moment we have already submitted a list of local talents that we are looking for, based on the requirements from the Singaporean companies, and the talents have gone through a test,” said the GroMinda Group CEO.

He said that GroMinda will be meeting these companies in Singapore next week, and also disclosed the initial agreement for these talents to work at a co-working space managed by GroMinda.

“At the moment, we have been setting up meetings and talking to a few stakeholders to look for a place to house over 50-100 people in a year,” he said.

He shared that over 100 locals have applied for the Tech Talent Drive, while two companies from the Singapore side have already submitted vacancies.

GroMinda believes that connecting talents with companies not only in Brunei but overseas, will open channels and reduce the unemployment rate, in addition to giving the opportunity to expose Bruneian talents to regional and international working culture.

“Anyone can learn a lot from regional and international working culture,” said Aiman. “What’s also good for tech talent is that they’re working remotely here, so they still keep the essence of their Bruneian culture; and it’s cheaper for them as well, so that they don’t have to go away from their families.”

He also said that this venture can enable exposure and access to skill-sharing and learning from Singapore counterparts.

In addition to Tech Talent Drive, GroMinda Group also has an online recruitment platform called Plus EXP, which connects companies with talents for work experiences and project-based opportunities, while at the same time providing access to training and self-development workshops.