Teachers get lessons in eco-tourism promotion

TWENTY-THREE teachers of Travel and Tourism from secondary schools and an officer from the Academic Unit, Department of Schools recently visited Eco Ponies Garden located in Kampong Bang Nukat, Lamunin, Tutong District.

Hosted by Awang Semaun Secondary School, the objective of the visit was to promote eco-tourism in Brunei Darussalam and create a sustainable environment.

Upon arrival, the group was welcomed by Eyon Ukoi, manager of Eco Ponies Garden, and given a briefing before taking on a tour of its facilities.

Started in 2015, Eco Ponies Garden offers a farm-to-stay living and village homestay. The aims are to promote community tourism and sustainable agriculture. The establishment has a double-storey cottage surrounded by tree houses made from recycled material situated on two acres of land.

There are jungle trails for visitors to explore and community garden with more than 20 varieties of traditional herbs.

The teachers during one of the activities
The teachers in a group photo

The teachers had the opportunity to prepare local dishes using herbs and vegetables grown in Eco Ponies Garden.

The educational visit is part of the professional development activity organised by Subject Based Committee (SBC) Travel and Tourism.

During the visit, a token of appreciation was presented by Andree Asmara bin Haji Abidin, Education Officer, Department of Schools to Eyon Ukoi.

SBC is a committee made up of teachers from secondary schools and colleges, Arabic schools, and private schools.

The SBC provides a platform for teachers to organise professional development activities and share best teaching strategies and develop useful resources such as notes, worksheets, exercises and model lesson plans.

Each secondary government school is appointed by the Department of Schools, Ministry of Education as a hosting school for a particular subject.