Teachers’ bind at Entrepreneurs’ Day

|     Lyna Mohamad     |

THE first Entrepreneurs’ Day event organised by Seameo Voctech turned out to be a positive and encouraging event for the participants comprising 24 teachers from Southeast Asia/SEAMEO member countries and three local entrepreneurs.

The event held at the Seameo Voctech premises served as part of the participants’ Integrating Entrepreneurial Skills in TVET Curriculum practical activity facilitated and coordinated by Training and Professional Development Manager cum TVET/Teacher Education Specialist of Seameo Voctech Noorhayati Cynthia Noorhaizamdin.

The event was aimed at creating awareness on entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership in their pursuit to provide effective entrepreneurial teaching and learning for students at the institutions.

At the same time, it also served to strengthen their capacity to produce skilful and qualified students at their institutions and act as sellers or entrepreneurs, and try to run the businesses they have come up with while attending the programme.

Participants each set up a booth representing the country they are from and offering their popular food and drinks for visitors.

ABOVE & BELOW: Participants during the Entrepreneurs’ Day, and Section Head from Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College East in Singapore Kenneth Aw. – RAHWANI ZAHARI

Most of the booths were sold out as some got advanced orders online prior to the event.

Participant and Section Head from Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College East in Singapore Kenneth Aw noted that they had learnt a lot during the nine-day programme and it has been both interesting and challenging as they are working with their fellow friends from different countries

“Language is also a challenge because sometimes when I speak too fast they don’t understand. So I’ve learnt to speak slower so that they can understand what I am saying.

“Sometimes we need to use simpler terms to make ourselves be understood but what is good is that I get to learn from my friend from Thailand as we spend our time talking about how to prepare our food for today,” he added.

For the Singapore stall, they used healthy alternatives with fresh fruits to blend the drinks.

“We learn to collaborate with each other although we are from different countries and we put what we learnt into practice and we shared ideas on doing business.”

The challenging part was the fact that they are not familiar with the places to get the food and drink materials as most of them are first timers to Brunei Darussalam and sources are limited.

“We are very fortunate as we were given one Bruneian in each group so we go for their expertise in terms of moving around in Brunei to get the items and it is good to have the local knowledge as well,” he said.

Cynthia hoped to coordinate more such events in the future seeing the positive feedback from the event and the possibility of having the centre’s own Entrepreneurs’ Day with the participation of local entrepreneurs.