‘Tasty start’ to Brunei Food Awards

Rokiah Mahmud

The Ambassador of the Republic of Philippines to Brunei Darussalam, Christopher B Montero and his spouse were invited to judge the Brunei Food Awards 2021 at the Soto Pabo eatery in Kampong Pintu Malim and Rumah Makan Adresto in Kampong Pandai Besi.

The Brunei Food Awards is currently underway after being launched this month and close to 100 eateries and over 200 dishes have been scored and evaluated since.

Last year saw a total of 44 eateries from big establishments to food stalls and home based eateries winning the Best Dish 2020 Award.

A total of 336 restaurants participated last year.

The official Brunei Food Award ceremony is expected to take place in December.

Photo shows the ambassador making soto.