TAP visits 20 Temburong business premises

Members of the Employees Trust Fund (TAP) through its Enforcement Unit visited 20 business premises including stalls and markets around the vicinity of Pekan Bangar in the Temburong District as part of its effort to ensure employers register their local employees and contribute to the TAP and Supplemental Contributory Pension (SCP) schemes.

TAP inspectors revealed nine local employees have not been registered to the schemes. Employers who failed to present documents during the visit were instructed to be present at the TAP office for further action.

TAP reminded employers to register and make contributions for their employees eligible to the TAP and SCP schemes.

It is mandatory for employees who are citizens and permanent residents of Brunei Darussalam to be registered and contribute to the schemes.

This includes part-time workers, contract workers, daily-paid workers on probation who receive payments such as salaries, commissions or work allowances, or any workers who receive salaries or wages Under Section 26 of the Employee Trust Act (Chapter 167).

Failure to pay a contribution within the prescribed time is an offence.

If found guilty, an employer will be fined not more than BND3,000 for the first offence and not more than BND10,000 for the second and subsequent offences.

For information, visit TAP branches or call TAP Call Centre at 2382600/2382929 during working hours or through WhatsApp at 8998290.

E-Amanah users may lodge complaints or send enquiries by logging into their account via TAP’s website at www.tap.com.bn.

TAP inspectors during the visit. PHOTO: TAP