Talk spurs students’ motivation

|     Ahmad Danish bin A Ramlee     |

A MOTIVATIONAL talk was held for Year 6 students as part of the school’s programme for examination classes.

The Deputy Principal Leonardo M Amo conducted the talk generally aimed to provide an impetus for Primary School Assessment (PSR) candidates to exert their best.

He explained how the students can utilise their potentials and encouraged them to prepare themselves for the various challenges of life.

“Nourish your mind like a plant to grow and open it like a parachute to work,” he said.

Meanwhile, Principal Cikgu Haji Muhd Masa Masdi bin Muhd Sai’dun equipped the students with examination tips and urged them to be positive and confident.

The talk concluded with the students’ presentation of the different factors affecting their preparations and their action plans to address their immediate needs.

Year 6 students and Deputy Principal Leonardo M Amo during the talk