Talk sheds light on health, safety in construction industry

Azlan Othman

PUJA Academy Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA) organised a talk entitled ‘Health, Safety, Environment and The Construction Industry’ recently.

SHENA Chief Inspector of Industry Jaime Rebelo and senior inspector Ir Justina Liew delivered the talk.

Established under the Safety, Health and Environment National Authority Order, 2018, SHENA is a statutory body regulating and enforcing workplace safety, health and environment as well as radiation matters in the country.

The authority covers major accident hazards (oil and petrochemical), general industry (construction and others) and non-industry (schools and medical institutions), with the objective of working collaboratively with industry and other stakeholders in the pursuit of making the country a safe place to work and live.

The talk covered subjects such as an introduction to SHENA, its legislation and significance in the construction industry, the Workplace Safety and Health Order, Construction Regulations, as well as explanations on why compliance is expected from the Industry, with a summary of best practices to be employed in the construction industry.

The talk concluded with a question-and-answer session.

Health and Safety is a core competency required of a professional in the construction industry. PUJA Academy said it will to continue collaborating with SHENA to provide its members and fellow professionals from the industry with the awareness and knowledge on safety matters.

PUJA Academy is also set to improve the knowledge of health and safety topics in the future through a series of seminars and courses in 2021.

Over 100 people comprising PUJA members as well as others from the construction industry attended the talk.

The event ended with PUJA President Ir Haji Mohammad Zin bin Haji Salleh presenting certificates and tokens of appreciation to the guest speakers.