Talk highlights opportunities in agriculture, livestock

Azlan Othman

Opportunities in the agriculture sector were highlighted during talks hosted by the Information Society for Mosque Youth in the Brunei-Muara District at the Information Department.

The briefing was presented by Department of Agriculture and Agrifood Officer Mat Rusli bin Haji Abu Bakar who shared some tips for entrepreneurs in agribusiness such as how to start a business in agriculture; proposed types of crops, fruits (Seasonal Crops and Non-Seasonal Crops) and the use of fertiliser on fruit crops. He added that there are several business opportunities for the production of value-added products based on crops that can be developed such as the manufacture of sauces and flavours, ‘freeze-dried’ products, juices and snacks.

Another briefing touched on the livestock industry by Haji Mohd Al-Zamiluddin bin Haji Ahmad. He spoke on how to raise livestock, food processing such as processed and canned foods such as nuggets and sausages, export opportunities, and organic fertiliser.

He also discussed livestock rearing and technology used.

Meanwhile, at the same event, a briefing on preparing a curriculum vitae (CV) and attending interviews’ touched on CV writing and its importance to know, evaluate and shortlist candidates suitable for job offers and company requirements.

The participants were also given tips on preparation and etiquette while attending an interview, including appearance, personality, style and conversation as well as qualifications and abilities.

Department of Agriculture and Agrifood officers talk about opportunities in the agriculture sector. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN