Talk highlights importance of retirement planning

Employees Trust Fund (TAP) yesterday held a retirement planning talk and consultation session with Royal Brunei Airlines Sdn Bhd employees.

The talk highlighted the schemes and services under TAP, and the importance of
retirement planning.

Several factors that need to be considered were shared when making a retirement plan including retirement lifestyle goal, impacts of inflation on spending, retirement income required to live on during one’s retirement years, and most importantly the action that needs to be taken now to ensure a sustainable retirement life.

TAP also highlighted the availability of retirement calculators in its mobile application ‘TAP
Brunei’ which can be used to estimate members’ TAP and SCP savings when they retire and also to estimate the savings gap they need to cover from now to achieve their retirement
income goal.

Also shared during the talk was TAP’s Voluntary Contribution facility. Members wishing to increase their retirement savings in TAP and SCP may voluntarily contribute more than the mandatory rates prescribed and this can be performed via online banking.

Attendees also involved in a planning consultation session with TAP’s Retirement Planners and e-Amanah registration. E-Amanah is TAP’s online service through which members may access and track their TAP and SCP contributions and savings.

Attendees during the talk. PHOTO: TAP